How do individuals define relationships today? Is having a relationship important for a happy and fulfilling life? Does finding a soul mate really matter? This detailed practical step-by-step volume displays the exact problem and assists you in identifying an applicable solution. THIS BOOK WILL HELP EQUIP YOU TO: Understand the dichotomy of sex and intimacy Discover answers to frequently asked questions about relationship Learn what happens to passion and desire over time Obtain helpful tips on how to effective communicate emotionally, spiritually and physically Become familiar with early signs that your relationship may be in trouble Gain knowledge on keeping your mates attention Develop a sincere sense of what your partner needs from you And much more!

“This spectacular literature is a must-read for both men and women of any age, race and relationship status…” says Rosario E. Carmelia, PhD, a Marital/Family Therapist from New York, New York

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